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Becoming a Seller is easy! You need to do three things:

1. If you haven’t already, register an account with us HERE

2. View and Complete agreement (below)

3. Submit Your Products HERE



By selling my work through I agree to the following:


1. All products I sell through the site are entirely my own work which I have full legal right to sell. I accept full responsibility for any copyright infringement incurred as a result of selling my work through


2. The commission rate for the sale of my products is set by I agree to the current rate of 60% non-exclusive commission for the sale of my products on this site. Payment for the sale of these products will be paid into a Paypal Account which I am must set up and provide the details to before payment can be made.


3. Payments will be made on a monthly basis into my Paypal account based on the sales of my products in the prior 30 days and the commission rate set out in my current agreement with


4. is able to change commission rates or exclusivity agreements with product authors. In these cases the author is given 30 days notice via email before these changes take effect and the Author of the products is able to agree to the new terms set or withdraw their products in this 30 day period.


5. The price for the products sold on the site will be determined by If the author does not agree with the price set by they are able to request a price change by emailing If an agreement is not able to be reached the author can withdraw the sale of their product through


6. To withdraw a product the author must give a 30 day written notice by writing to before the product withdrawal will take effect.


7. I am to provide an active email address to by which I can be contacted to be made aware of changes to this agreement.


8. is able to use my products for promotional purposes


9. I am responsible for my personal tax obligations for the sale of my products according to the laws of the country in which I reside


If You agree to the above 9 conditions please complete the form below:


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Once you have agreed, submit your products HERE

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