This video is a challenge to all christians to follow and seek God during the week and not just on Sundays. Often we can easily forget God during the week with all the busy tasks and routines we have. It is important to continue to seek God during the week as an act of worship and dedication to him.

This Video beautifully depicts the sunsetting as a constant reminder to believers to remember God throughout their week. The text in the video is as follows:

In a few hours this day will be over
the sun will set and the day will end
You gave this day to God
But what will you do with the rest of the week?
will it be business as usual
or a week dedicated to God
A week filled with your purpose
or filled with his?
You trust him enough to give him your day
Do you trust him enough to give him your week
Tonight as the sun goes down
Dedicate your week
To our God who made the Sunset.



Length: 1:20
Resolution: HD
Format: Mp4
Size: 313mb

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