Scripture Scroll 2.0


Version: CS5
Resolution: HD (720p)
No Plugins Required
Soundtrack: none


Not your usual template… this is a simple scrolling animation designed to show a large portion of scripture or text. As seen in a related article, it provides a good foundation to overlay your own images / footage to match the text.

Update December 2014: This file now includes a far superior, updated version with 5 different “Looks”
The Scripture Scroll

Ever wanted to show off a whole heap of text in a cool video? The Scripture Scroll is for you. This After Effects Template gives you 5 different ways to showcase your text and gives you the option of a long version (2.20min) and a shorter version (1.10min) depending on the amount of text you have. So in total thats 10 different export options.
Some of the export options include a grey smoky versions, the black background version and of course the star wars version. You can create many different text videos using this handy After Effects Project.
The project is very simple to edit by placing your text into one simple compsition. Then its just a matter of deciding which comp you would like to export.
The font used is Papyrus, which is installed on most systems. You can easily change the font to whatever you like within After Effects to create a completely different look.
The project is created using After Effects CS5 so it will work for anything newer such as CS 5, CS 5.5, CS 6, CC and CC 2014.
You can download this project from in our After Effects Projects Section. The Usual Price for the project is just $10 and if you dont know how to use After Effects we can edit the project for you for a great price. Just go to our Contact Page