Psalm 95 Video

This is a Psalm 95 Video encourages people to praise God and worship Him for the great things he has done. Play it at your church service before a time of Praise to encourage people to enter into the praises of God. This video is captivating and encouraging with a powerful soundtrack.

Psalm 95:

95 Oh, come, let us sing to the Lord! Give a joyous shout in honor of the Rock of our salvation!

Come before him with thankful hearts. Let us sing him psalms of praise. For the Lord is a great God, the great King of all gods. He controls the formation of the depths of the earth and the mightiest mountains; all are his. He made the sea and formed the land; they too are his. Come, kneel before the Lord our Maker, for he is our God. We are his sheep, and he is our Shepherd. Oh, that you would hear him calling you today and come to him!

Don’t harden your hearts as Israel did in the wilderness[b] at Meribah and Massah. For there your fathers doubted me, though they had seen so many of my miracles before. My patience was severely tried by their complaints. 10 “For forty years I watched them in disgust,” the Lord God says. “They were a nation whose thoughts and heart were far away from me. They refused to accept my laws. 11 Therefore, in mighty wrath I swore that they would never enter the Promised Land, the place of rest I planned for them.”


Psalm 95 Praise


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