Media Game by Ravi Zacharias

Jesus said his followers are the salt of the earth. In a mediterranean climate with no fridges, this statement took on a profound meaning to those listening. Christians stop the world from going rotten! What a sobering thought for them and us.

There is no place too dark, no corner of our globe too rotten that we as believers can’t go to and make a difference. We talk about the 10-40 window as the final frontier for the gospel but there are other places also… One of those places I believe is Hollywood. For so long the movie industry has been dominated by humanist ideologies and moral relativity. But God is doing something new! Christians are producing quality films which the world is taking notice of. They promote biblical morality without compromising on quality or slipping into ‘cheesiness’.

If you are interested in what God is doing and how you could be used, check out a resource from Ravi Zacharias here. The blurb is below:

Join Ravi in his new message, “The Media Game” as he encourages believers to go into the world and change the way art and media is done to make a difference for Christ. This DVD features a message followed by a live Q&A featuring Michael Landon, Jr. and Art Franklin before a crowd at New Birth MBC in Lithonia, Georgia.

“God is also the God of the visual and he wants us to glorify Him in whatever we think, speak, or say.” – Ravi Zacharias

I just heard Bill Johnson recently shared in his Podcast (Stable Hope – Jan 16th 2011) about an actress who walked into a meeting at Bethel Church and got healed! She is now impacting others with her story. Continue to pray that God will move through Hollywood and the movie industry with healing and the miraculous. Its a season of God’s goodness across the earth.

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James Alviani

After completing a degree in Biblical Studies, James served as a Chaplain and Youth Pastor for over 15 years at a local church. With a love for graphic design, he found himself working to help the church communicate through visual and print media. He now runs Halo Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses and ministries grow through online visibility.

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