License, Terms and Conditions

General Terms For All CMR Products


1) Our Products are for the sole purchasers personal use or for one church, organisation or business organisation’s use.

2) A product may not be used for multiple churches, ministries, organisations or individual’s use.

eg Once a CMR product is used in a church service, it can only be used by that church from that time forward and cannot be used by another church or individual.

eg A CMR lower third can be used repeatedly in a Media Organisations video productions, but cannot be copied and given / sold to another individual or Media Organisation for their use.

3) You may not redistribute or make available a CMR product or part of a CMR product to any third party individual, group or organisation

4) Purchasing / downloading of CMR products means you will be contacted via email by us to inform you of your product download links. You will also receive an email newsletter from us with free products and specials which will contain an unsubscribe link should you wish to not receive these emails in the future. reserves the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice.


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