Adobe Premiere is great for importing, viewing and cutting footage on the fly. After effects is great for coloring and applying effects to footage that has already been cut up. Watch this tutorial on how to develop a workflow which utilizes the strengths of both programs in a fast efficient way. Along the way we look at a couple of tips and include how to create a great coloring effect which will give your video an MTV video clip look. This is one of our free After Effects Presets you can download. Download the free CMR Video Clip Look preset from

FREE Video Clip Effect

The Curves adjustments were made in After Effects which turned the Original footage (left) into the MTV Video Clip look (Right). Download the Preset for free at the bottom of this page by clicking “add to cart”


Re Coloured:


Here is the Full Video which was Created:


– Original footage was taken with a HVR-Z1u with the iris open all the way to 1.8 and NO GAIN. This prevented Graininess

– Footage was captured in Full HD via firewire to a sony harddrive as MTS files.

– The MTS files were taken into premiere where they were cut up and sequenced to the soundtrack.

– The sequence in Premiere was HD which allowed for scale adjustments in the full HD footage.

– The project was saved and imported into After Effects.

– In After Effects the Shadow lift and curves effects were applied to give the footage an MTV Video Clip look

– Text was also added to the footage as well as some footage tracking (font – HDV Poster)

– Composition was exported in After Effects

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