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Hi, I am unable to continue support for this plugin as I am no longer in contact with the person who did most of the coding for it. I will leave the thread below and the demo in place for any solutions / questions you may have. 
*** The Captcha is sometimes not working well in the current version of WordPress and in IE9… Does anyone have a solution for this?***

Quote Cart is a wordpress plugin designed to help you add product links to your site which when clicked display in a list in the Quote Cart widget. The visitor can then enter their name, email and message and send their product list to a designated email address. Perfect if you are building a site that contains products with fluctuating prices… or just a site that gives the power to the web site owner how much they want to charge for a product.

Here is a shot of an “ADD TO QUOTE” link in a post and how it changes to “REMOVE FROM QUOTE” if added by the user:



How To Install:

1. Download the file here

2. Install it into your wordpress site through the plugin directory

3. Go to Settings > Quote Cart and copy the shortcode to paste “Add To Quote” link in your post or use PHP Function. And configure General settings.

4. Place “Quote Cart” widget where you would the chosen products to display


To see a live demo of the quote cart in action go here

If you would like me to customize this plugin for you contact me here

Any questions please place them in the comment box below and ill add them to a forum soon