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Churchmediaresource began in early 2011 with the aim to resource the church and christian ministry. As both a pastor and graphic designer I have a desire to see the message of the church communicated in a way that is relevant to our culture.

Together with my wife Briony we run the youth ministry of Freeway Church located in Perth, Western Australia. I have also been a part of the Freeway Church media team for a few years and have developed much of the content for CMR from my experience in this role. Prior to that I worked as a free lance graphic designer and have had experience developing web and print content.

I understand the tension that many ministries face of wanting to communicate through media but only having a seemingly finite set of resources at their disposal. My hope is that CMR can serve to bridge that gap and help forge the message of Christ on the earth. Thanks for spending some time at the CMR site and be sure to contact us if you have any questions, comments or would like to partner with us in this work.

On behalf of my wife Briony and myself and our new little son Abraham we hope your ministry goes from strength to strength and that CMR has somehow assisted you




Church Media Resource



Church Media Resource is designed to help your church utilize the power of media. Most churches don’t have a full time media person so producing church news and / or media on a weekly basis can be tough. Even when there is a media ministry in place we know it can be difficult to constantly produce high quality, creative videos on a limited time span (especially on a Friday afternoon when someone asks you to just ‘pop’ something into church news!)

This site aims to assist your church develop this important ministry so that it can communicate in a relevant way to it’s community.

Mission Statement

to assist the church in communicating through media so that more people can be reached.

We Believe

We believe the church carries the most important message on the planet. The gospel must be told to the world in a way which will be heard and understood. When Jesus was on the earth he taught profound spiritual principles to people using parables. People understood parables as they were a common way of conveying information in that time and culture.

The modern equivalent to parables is the screen. People interact with information more readily through the screen than anything else. Computers, mobile phones, TV and movies – screens are everywhere. The church can take advantage of this by complimenting a powerful sermon and awe inspiring praise and worship with eye catching media which prepares hearts and informs minds.

We recognize that video and animation is very labor intensive. It can take hours to produce a short clip. Most churches simply do not have the resources to produce videos on a weekly basis. With Videos, After Effects Templates and related articles, Church Media Resource can help your church communicate effectively through media.


If you have any further questions, comments or would like to get involved with what we do please contact us



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